Apps and smart contracts. On Bitcoin.
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"A completely separate network and separate blockchain, yet it shares CPU power with Bitcoin."
Satoshi Nakamoto
Creator, Bitcoin
"The world will ultimately have one currency, the internet will have one currency. I personally believe that it will be Bitcoin."
Jack Dorsey
CEO, Twitter & Square
The Stacks ecosystem is approaching an incredible milestone: The Stacks 2.0 mainnet launch. Stacks 2.0 brings secure apps and smart contracts to Bitcoin, unlocking a new wave of innovation upon the world's most robust, most valuable blockchain.

The launch will be just the beginning of an exciting new era for the Stacks community and crypto broadly, as developers leverage Stacks to build a user-owned internet on Bitcoin.

To celebrate this milestone, the Stacks ecosystem entities are hosting a global launch event. We'll have app launches, musical performances, surprise announcements, limited edition swag, guest speakers from partners like OKCoin, Staked,, and many more.

We look forward to celebrating all the hard work you all have put into Stacks 2.0 mainnet. Cheers to the exciting new chapter as we continue our mission together!
Muneeb Ali
Co-founder, Stacks
Friends, family, and special guests
Anthony Pompliano
Co-founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital and host of The Pomp Podcast
Kevin Rose
Partner, True Ventures
Muneeb Ali
Co-founder, Stacks
Laura Shin
Crypto Journalist/Podcast producer and host - Unchained
Haider Rafique
Peter Smith
CEO & Co-Founder,
Brittany Laughlin
Executive Director, Stacks Foundation
Asiff Hirji
President of Figure. Ex President Coinbase & Ameritrade; Ex Partner a16z & TPG
Mike Colyer
CEO, Foundry
Meltem Demirors
Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares
Albert Wenger
Managing Partner, USV
Jupiter Zheng
Research Director, HashKey Capital
Peter Van Valkenburgh
Director of Research, Coin Center
Melody He
Partner and Co-founder, Spartan Group
Patrick Stanley
Founder & CEO, Freehold
David Vorick
CEO, Cofounder, Lead Developer, Sia
Graham Jenkin
Co-founder and CEO, CoinList
Diwaker Gupta
Head of Engineering, Hiro PBC
Nic Carter
Author, Coindesk
Xan Ditkoff
Founder & CEO, Daemon Technologies
Jenny Mith
Digital Community Manager, Hiro PBC
Larry Salibra
Founder & CEO, New Internet Labs
Ken Liao
Founder, Secret Key Labs
Mason Borda
Co-Founder at Tokensoft Inc &
John Peurifoy
CEO, Floating Point Group
Kelvin Koh
Co-founder & Partner, CIO, Spartan Capital
Mohamed Abdou
Founder and CEO, Pravica
American Electronic music producer based out of San Francisco
Look out for surprise announcements and releases throughout the day in addition to the schedule below. All times are Eastern.
9:30 am
Mix and mingle with the Stacks community ❤️
Join early and connect with the community. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and make sure your headphones are working, the show starts soon!
9:55 am
Kickoff with Peter Van Valkenburgh 🏁
Meet your emcee for the day and let him set the stage for a big day!
10:00 am
Bitcoin & The Next Internet ₿
Muneeb Ali, Co-founder of Stacks, CEO at Hiro PBC
10:35 am
Stacks Engineering: Learnings and Looking Ahead 💻
Diwaker Gupta, Head of Engineering at Hiro PBC
10:50 am
Mission: User-Owned Internet 💎
Brittany Laughlin, Executive Director, Stacks Foundation
11:15 am
Daemon Technologies: Mining Bot Show ⛏️
Xan Ditkoff , Founder and CEO at Daemon Technologies
11:35 am
The New Web 🌐
Larry Salibra, Founder, New Internet Labs
11:55 am
Freehold: A Community of High Impact Hodlers 💰
Patrick Stanley, Founder & CEO at Freehold
12:15 pm
12:25 pm
Stacks 2.0 Community 💜
Jenny Mith, Digital Community Manager at Hiro PBC
12:30 pm
Hiro Careers or Meditation Room 🧘
12:50 pm
At the Nexus of... 🎬
A special video premiere.
12:55 pm
How 2021 Crypto Trends Set the Stage for Stacks 2.0
Graham Jenkin
Co-founder and CEO, Coinlist
1:10 pm
Special Announcements 🤝
Buckle up!
1:25 pm
Secret Key Labs & A Mobile-First Wallet for Stacks 👛
Ken Liao, Founder and CEO at Secret Key Labs
1:40 pm
Fireside Chat: "A look back to the early days of Crypto and where we're heading in 2021" 🔥
Peter Smith, CEO & Co-founder at
Muneeb Ali, Co-founder of Stacks, CEO at Hiro PBC
Brittany Laughlin, Executive Director, Stacks Foundation
2:10 pm
Fireside Chat 🔥
Albert Wenger, Managing Partner at USV
Asiff Hirji, President of Figure
2:35 pm
Fireside Chat 🔥
Anthony Pompliano, Co-Founder at Morgan Creek & Host of the Pomp Podcast
Kevin Rose, Partner, True Ventures
3:10 pm
Coin Center, Midnight Rules, & The View From The Wall
Peter Van Valkenburgh, Director of Research at Coin Center
3:25 pm
Skynet: Decentralized Storage For the Modern Web
David Vorick, CEO, Cofounder, Lead Developer, Sia
3:45 pm
Musical Guest: Phutureprimitive 🎵
4:00 pm
Fireside Chat: Layer 2's on Bitcoin 🔥
Meltem Demirors, Chief Strategy Officer of CoinShares
Nic Carter, Author, Coindesk
Laura Shin, Crypto Journalist/Podcast Producer and Host - Unchained Podcast
4:30 pm
Propelling Adoption: Exploring The Future of Crypto & Decentralized Applications 📈
Haider Rafique, CMO at OKCoin
4:55 pm
Special Announcement 📰
5:15 pm
STX Stacking as a Service 💱
John Peurifoy, CEO at Floating Point Group
5:30 pm
Investing in the New Normal 😷
Melody He, Partner and Co-founder, Spartan Group
Kelvin Koh, Co-founder & Partner, CIO, Spartan Capital
Jupiter Zheng, Research Director, HashKey Capital
6:00 pm
Stacks 2.0 App Showcase 💪
See the latest developments from apps you already know like Pravica and Blocksurvey and be among the first to see a number of all new Stacks 2.0 apps launch to the world.
7:10 pm
Stacks 2.0 Partnerships: Pakistan, Korea, Turkey 🌍
Nabeel A Qadeer, Country Consultant, Stacks Pakistan
7:25 pm
Closing Remarks
Stacks 2.0 Launch Partners
App and Technology Partners
Community Partners
Media Partners
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